Description: Art Therapy is a therapeutic modality based on certain principles drawn from the fields of psychology and the visual arts. As a therapeutic activity, art therapy uses artistic expression as its primary mode of communication. Through various art processes: drawing, collage, painting, or sculpture, a participant can experience and express what he or she is feeling and living. Thoughts, emotions, personal difficulties and interpersonal relations, recall of memories and experiences of daily living, may find expression in a visual format. While art instruction is not the goal of this type of therapy, participants may develop confidence in their artistic skills through the creative process.

Application:At Expression LaSalle, art therapy can be used in an individual or group context (short-term or long-term duration). Previous experience in art is not necessary.

Group: Art Therapy groups are weekly meetings that are two (2) hours in length and whereparticipants are encouraged to explore and share what is most significant and troubling in their life through a visual format (during first hour) and then verbally (in second hour). Participants are also encouraged to trust the creative process and to find a personal meaning in it. The verbal sharing and comments from each group member in the second half helps participants gain a new perspective and better understanding of themselves and others.

Individual: Individual therapy is a weekly meeting that is one (1) hour in length and where a participant determines the subject and goals of the therapeutic work to be done according to his/her needs. The participant is invited to explore how the use of color, form and his/her images can contribute to a better comprehension of how to manage daily difficulties. The maximum length of a rotation (series) of individual therapy is twenty (20) sessions. A member may participate in a maximum of three (3) non-consecutive rotations of individual therapy.